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The look of Sun in 2020

You have seen people taking daily selfies of them for many years or even decades. But have you ever seen that even sun has started taking its series of pictures with the help of Proba-2 satellite of European space agency. This agency has captured the 366 pictures of sun in 2020. There were so many things to note in those pictures and the first and the most important thing is that the satellite has experienced two solar eclipses i.e. on 21st June and 14th December.

It could be interesting to know that 2020 is identified as starting of new solar activity cycle that happens every 11 years. You can clearly observe from the images that sun is slowly growing more active all the time during this year. Also in the month of November and December areas which has exceptional activity are visible and those areas were responsible coronal mass ejections or solar flares. All the images that are captured by Proba-2 have Sun Watcher Active Pixel System (SWAP) camera that mainly focuses on ultraviolet light. Also the wavelength it has captured shows the corona of the Sun which is considered to be the hottest part with millions pf degrees.

The camera with SWAP system is not only good at taking images but it also understands the solar poles.
The successor of Proba-2 is Solar Orbiter which has camera of high resolution known as Solar Orbiter Extreme Ultraviolet Imager. It has not contributed much compared to Proba-2 as it was launched in 2020 but it will give the stunning results in the near future.