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Spring Weather on Mars

You know melting at mars begins from winter in northern hemisphere and that doesn’t mean that flowers will start blooming and birds will start singing. It is because the carbon dioxide on the mars will starts diverting.
In the northern hemisphere of mars after its beginning from winter to spring transformation which will take place for 6 months warming there everything up. And these all can be observed with the help of HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Experiment) of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission which captures the beginning of transition which will be in the form of dark fans of soil in the northern regions.
These northern caps of polar ice always grow in winter and fades in summer as it is seasonal. These polar ice caps are not made up of water similar to earth instead they are made up of frozen carbon dioxide also termed as dry ice. Also these polar ice caps don’t grow much like earth as it melts from solid to liquid.

Polar ice caps of northern hemisphere started diverting in the spring and starts turning directly from solid to gas. This all depends on how much of sunlight each part of the northern hemisphere is getting. Well in some of the cases layer of ice converting into gas explodes as a thin jet on the surface which carries dust that spreads around the area like a fan like pattern.
Till spring gets over many fans like pattern will appear until all the ice in the northern hemisphere gets sublimated. On mars winter time beats the summer as summer is more of fun on mars but at the same time in winter you’ll be lucky if you find a day above freezing in the lows of -200°.