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Rainbows aren’t possible on Mars. This arc is a lens flare

Did the Perseverance meanderer catch a rainbow on Mars? This picture, from the wanderer’s left back Hazard Camera, sure seems as though it. Yet, oh well, no. In any case, movie chief JJ Abrams would be pleased.
The wanderer’s true Twitter account clarified it best, that rainbows simply aren’t conceivable on Mars, and this is essentially a focal point flare:
Rainbows aren’t conceivable here. Rainbows are made by light reflected off of round water beads, however there isn’t sufficient water here to consolidate, and it’s excessively cold for fluid water in the climate. This bend is a focal point flare.

A focal point flare is made when non-picture shaping splendid light (like direct daylight) enters the focal point and hence hits the camera’s advanced sensor and dissipates. Here’s another focal point flare picture, which additionally shows the as of late dropped off Ingenuity helicopter:

Another focal point flare picture, showing the Ingenuity helicopter. NASA’s Mars Perseverance meanderer gained this picture of the space toward its rear utilizing its installed Rear Right Hazard Avoidance Camera. This picture was gained on Apr. 4, 2021 (Sol 43) at the neighborhood mean sun based season of 14:13:44.
Air science to the side, these are incredibly delightful pictures from Mars. In case you’re asking why you maybe haven’t seen focal point flares like this before from the Red Planet, there presumably have been, yet the nature of Perseverance’s cameras are showing a lot more fresh detail in its pictures.
Here’s another cool focal point flare picture, a nearby of one of Perseverance’s wheels, likewise taken by one of the back Hazcams:

NASA’s Mars Perseverance wanderer gained this picture of the space toward its rear utilizing its locally available back left Hazard Avoidance Camera, procured on Apr. 4, 2021 (Sol 43).
The past Mars Exploration Rovers had and the Opportunity wanderer has sunlight based channels on a large portion of their cameras. Notwithstanding sun based channels, Perseverance additionally has awnings on the front Hazcams. This was viewed as strategic, on the grounds that it needs them for driving forward (Perseverance is generally driving forward). Awnings weren’t viewed as fundamental on the back Hazcams, so a portion of those pictures have dissipated light ancient rarities, for example, the one beneath:

Extra picture antiques appear in this picture (notwithstanding a focal point flare) because of daylight.
The lead focal point flare picture was taken on Sol 43 (that is April 4, 2021 for us Earthlings).