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MethaneSAT – 2022 Launch with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos funding

MethaneSAT is a space mission by America and New Zealand to monitor the methane emissions on the earth to fight against the climate change. It is backed by two of the billionaires, final frontiers or say rivals Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.
In the last November Bezos have made the fund of $100 million to Environmental Defense Fund for the completion and launch of satellite. Bezos said that it was just a small commitment to the $791 million mission round to support the challenges on climate change. The non-profit MethaneSAT LLC announced that it has signed a contract with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to send the satellite into space with Falcon 9 rocket early by October 2022.

Steven Hamburg, co-lead for the MethaneSAT said in press release that it is unique and ambitious mission and why they chose SpaceX is because they deliver readiness and reliability so that they can start collecting emission data as soon as possible.
The main goal of this mission is to locate and reduce the emission of methane, a strong greenhouse gas from industries. After oil and gas industry, methane emissions are said to be the second largest cause of global warming.
By reducing 45% of the methane from oil and gas industry by 2025 which is similar to close down the one-third of the coal plants of the world.
There were other satellites who used to monitor the methane levels in atmosphere such as TROPOMI and GHGSat’s but the idea behind designing the MethaneSAT is to provide better sensitivity and resolution Mark Brownstein, EDF’s senior vice president for energy said that this is the most effective and fastest way of reducing methane from oil and gas industry to slower down the rate of global warming. Also it is designed in such a way that it provides transparency and accountability so that companies will not miss the opportunities.

To provide the opportunity at low price small scale payloads will be arranged through SmallSat Rideshare Program by the SpaceX with prices as low as $1 million. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have always been in competition when it comes to world’s richest title. Also Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos has a strong competition with SpaceX but when it comes to launching capability Mush is way more ahead of Bezos. Since 2010, SpaceX Falcon 9 has been carrying payloads to space while Glenn rocket of Blue Origin hasn’t started its service yet.