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Chinese Space Agency released a series of photos of Mars rover

The Chinese Tianwen-1 lander and Zhurong meanderer are being watched, both from Mars’ circle and from the surface! The Chinese Space Agency today delivered a progression of photographs, including a family picture of the meanderer and lander taken by a remote distant camera. Furthermore, simply take a gander at that adorable wanderer face!

Closeup harvest of the Zhurong meanderer.
Zhurong put a far-off camera around 10 meters (33 feet) from the arrival stage, then, at that point was driven back to the lander for a gathering representation, the CNSA said.
China handled the Tianwen-1 lander and wanderer on the Martian plain called Utopia Planitia on May 14, 2021 after it went through around 90 days circling the Red Planet. Different pictures delivered by CNSA included all-encompassing perspectives on the lander, the encompassing region, and furthermore another all-encompassing perspective on the meanderer and lander together from the wanderer’s pole camera.

Tianwen-1 lander, which carried the meanderer to the outside of Mars. Wheel tracks from the wanderer are apparent on the ground.
In any case, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and HiRISE camera additionally caught a dazzling perspective this week from circle of China’s central goal in the world’s surface.

Southern Utopia Planitia’s Tianwen-1 Lander and Zhurong Rover.
“HiRISE procured this picture on 6 June 2021,” composed HiRISE head agent Alfred McEwen on the HiRISE site. The lander, which appears to be encircled by an impact design, and the actual wanderer, which slid away from the lander, are both clearly visible.
McEwen added that the picture demonstrates the encompassing territory to be commonplace of southern Utopia Planitia, with a smooth and generally rock free district. The splendid bending highlights are aeolian (windblown) landforms.

The picture taken by the rover also shows the adjacent plain.

A perspective on Utopia Planitia from the Zhurong meanderer.
While the CSNA said the photos from the surface demonstrates the mission to be a “finished achievement,” there is some science occurring, as well. The wanderer Zhurong has been chipping away at the outside of Mars “to identify the climate, move around the surface, and do logical investigation.” CNSA said all the logical hardware on board the meanderer has been turned on, and the “orbiter works in a hand-off circle with a pattern of 8.2 hours, giving transfer correspondence to the logical investigation of the Mars meanderer.”
The meanderer Zhurong is named after the divine force of fire in antiquated Chinese folklore.