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Crew Members of Axiom Space

Axiom space has revealed its crew members for its odyssey space to be launch in 2022. Tom Cruise and their fans have to wait for its filmed-in-space movie as since last may they have been murmuring about the Top gun and Mission impossible movie that is going to shoot their scenes in Nasa and SpaceX fly station.
Doug Liman who is arranging a trip with Axiom space signed a deal with SpaceX and Nasa for the future private space missions.
According to the ABC news about the crew member’s revelation, Michael Lopez-Alegria will lead the Crew Dragon mission, Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe are the investors who pays $55 million to Michael Lopez for a stay of 10 days in station in 2022. Axiom and Nasa are still working together to clear up the details.
After late astronaut-senator John Glenn who went to space in 1998 at the age of 77, Connor becomes the second person who will be going to space at the age of 71 years. Connor told the ABC news that age is just overrated for him when being asked about the second oldest person to go in space.

Connor is a private pilot and that’s why he is considered as mission pilot in the Ax-1 mission. Responsibilities of mission specialists is given to Pathy and Stibbe. Pathy who is following Cirque du Soleil is basically a businessman and a philanthropist and Stibbe used to be fighter pilot and the second Israeli to go in space.
Peggy Whitson is selected for mission’s backup commander and John Shoffner, an entrepreneur in Tennessee is going to be the backup pilot for mission. All the team members including the prime and backup members is going in 15 weeks of training.
Since 2001 many commercial participants have visited the space station during the orbital trip of Dennis Tito on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. But this time Ax-1 is going to take the full advantage of space commercialization initiative that was discovered by Nasa in 2019.
Hollywood faces like Cruise, Liman and others have reserved their seats for odysseys or SpaceX’s crew dragon but this won’t be possible as the spacecraft’s are carrying their professional astronauts to the two mission and about Boeing’s CST -100 which is taking Nasa’s crew member this year.
There were many Axiom mission but this one have made it truly possible for the future of humans in space who actually makes the difference when they return home. Talking about the current plan of the axiom space they offer space fliers a new habitat away from home.